JetComp #8518 2.5mil HDPE Case Wrap Shrink Film

375,001.329,00 IVA esclusa

High clarity 2.5mil HDPE shrink film is the industry standard for case wrapping water bottles and bulk liquids or canned goods. Excellent seal welds and will handle weight without rupturing or fracturing like traditional shrink films. Best shrink results are achieved with a hot air tunnel though the film can be shrunk with a hand-held heat gun using careful heat distribution. Highest shrink ratio is the length of the roll. Mounted on a strippable liner that allows for trouble free transport and printing on any UV, Eco-solvent or Latex printer. Once printed it can be used in the flat as a proof or peeled from the liner and assembled using double sided tape or conventional heat sealing equipment. For a thin Matte finish use Krylon 53530 Flat Acrylic Crystal Clear spray.



• Heat seals and shrinks at 210 F.
• Excellent strength and durability
• Works on all UV, Eco-solvent or Latex printers
• Good barrier for product protection
• High Gloss

• Proofing
• Bundles or cases of:
• Bottles (glass and blown)
• Aluminum Cans
• Pouches
• Carton and boxes

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