JetComp #8514 2mil White PVC Shrink Film

375,001.329,00 IVA esclusa

2mil white PVC shrink film is the easiest of the shrink films to use. Featuring a gloss finish and suitable for general use and light or average contoured shrink applications. Suitable for overwrap shrink applications such as 4 or 6 packs. Requires 4-6 hour minimum cure time. Highest shrink ratio is the width of the roll. 2mil white PVC is mounted on a stable temporary support for easy transport on any UV, Eco-solvent or Latex printer. Once printed it can be used in the flat as a proof or assembled into a functional sleeve using super glue or JetComps 7200 solvent seaming pen. For Matte finish use Krylon 53530 Flat Acrylic Crystal Clear.



• Works on all UV, Eco-solvent or Latex printers
• Good barrier for product protection
• High Gloss
• UV inhibited to prevent yellowing
• 45% Shrink ratio

• Proofing
• All general use shrink sleeve packaging

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