JetComp #8527 2mil Special Application PVC Shrink Film

375,001.329,00 IVA esclusa

2mil special application PVC shrink film is designed for producing more difficult shrinks. Suitable for most shrink film applications including higher contoured shrinks and even some trigger spray bottles. Requires 8 hour minimum cure time. Highest shrink ratio is the width of the roll. Mounted on a stable temporary support for easy transport with any UV, Eco-solvent or Latex printer. Once printed it can be used in the flat as a proof or assembled into a functional sleeve using super glue or JetComps 7200 solvent seaming pen. For a thin Matte finish use Krylon 53530 Flat Acrylic Crystal Clear spray.



• Works on all UV, Eco-solvent or Latex printers
• Good barrier for product protection
• High Gloss
• 66% Shrink ratio

• Proofing
• All Shrink Sleeve Packaging

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